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Boland Cranes are the Lifting Equipment North Lakes company for crane and crane/operator hire.

What we provide includes

  • goods and passenger lifts
  • telehandlers and fork lifts
  • lifting accessories
  • overhead cranes and their supporting runways
  • a building cleaning cradle and its suspension equipment

Our friendly staff consult with you to find out what you need to move your project forward, whether it’s lifting equipment or dry crane hire. If you have your own crane or lifting equipment operators with can hire you just the equipment or if you need some help with it operation, we can supply a hollistic crane service that includes the equipment needed for you needs as well as the operators that can make your job progress. Our team of amazing operators put up, pull down and complete your projects needs in a nice easy package. Boland Cranes are the right choice for your construction site.

Staying in budget, means profit and success for everyone but you don’t want to cut corners so we know how to help you with the lifting equipment and operators you need to keep that cashflow happening. That’s why we work inside your budget and provide you safety standard and OH&S compliant equipment that pass all Queensland and Federal governmental standards. We pride ourselves on safe and affordable services, whatever your needs, which is why we have completed 1000s of contracts for customers who rely on us.

If you what reliable service, lifting equipment and crane hire, why not Contact the Boland Crane team and see what we can do for you and your construction project.

What we also provide

  • Floating loading bays
  • Safety cages
  • Kibbles
  • Flat top tower cranes
  • Range of self-erecting tower cranes
  • Block cages
  • Hammerhead tower cranes
  • Operators, Dogmen and Riggers provided

“We are the Lifting Equipment North Lakes company you can trust”

Lifting Equipment North Lakes
Lifting Equipment North Lakes

Crane Operators and Lifting Equipment North Lakes

We do all term jobs, short term, medium term and long term crane and lifting equipment hire. Our operators make safety the number one priority and providing our services with the industry standards in mind, with no fuss with put up or pack down, and our lifting equipment operators do the job and strike the equipment in your construction timeline. We prioritise safety and peoples wellbeing over everything, which our trained staff makes sure all equipment is secured and safe as they go. 

If you want to see more services that we offer, check out the Service Page for more info.

Lifting Equipment North Lakes