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We Know Cranes

We have been in the construction and crane hire industries for over 30 years – and, we can safely say, WE KNOW CRANES.

Our team are focused on delivering specialised crane hire equipment and operators throughout the whole of Qld & Northern NSW.

All our crane hire equipment and personnel are reliable, efficient and professional, enabling you to complete your projects on time and on budget.

Our self-erecting cranes are well maintained and fully insured. We provide the trained Crane Operators, Dogmen & Riggers to ensure your lifting project is carried out according to plan and safely.


Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Our fleet of self-erecting tower cranes are specially designed and suited for construction sites with short and long hire requirements. Our cranes are simple to use, and we can also provision fully trained crane operators and dogmen. We hire to a range of clients, including residential building companies, commercial premises, and anything up to 8 stories for the self-erecting tower cranes.

We promise to meet and exceed your expectations

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Mobile Tower Cranes


Also known as a hydraulic folding crane, the mobile tower crane combines the benefits of a static self erecting tower crane along with the flexibility of a standard mobile crane. Fully assembled and ready for use in approximately 11 minutes, this crane offers mobility and efficiency where other cranes cannot.

  • Max Load | 7500 kg (up to 10,4 m)
  • Tip Load | 1900 kg
  • Max Jib Length | 33 m
  • Hook Height | 20m
  • Max. hook height | 35,7 m (jib 30° luffed)
Mobile Crane Hire Brisbane

Luffing Cranes

While suitable for any construction site, in a lot of city and built up areas, there is limited access and space. These construction sites are not always suitable for traditional self erecting cranes. This is where a luffing crane comes into its own.

A luffing crane is unique in that is moves horizontally rather than vertically keeping the hook at the same level as the crane luffs. This greatly reduces its slewing radius and therefore also reduces the need for as much clearance space. This makes a luffing crane the ideal “additional crane” option for multi-crane worksites where manoeuvring two or more cranes in close proximity poses safety risks or there simply isn’t enough room.

Luffing Crane Brisbane - Boland Cranes

Hammerhead Tower Cranes

Hammerhead tower cranes are well suited for heavy lifting and placement duties on the most challenging jobsites. And they can also help you save time on other jobsite duties by easily moving materials from one area to another.

From the efficient setup that gets you working quickly to the variety of jobsite duties it can handle.


Loading Bays

For the safe on and off-loading of equipment and materials on multi-storey construction worksites.

These sliding, deck-like bays offer the convivence of added safety, reduced crane loading time and significant savings on labour costs. Our loading bay solutions not only save you time, they also save you money.

Fully supplied, delivered and installed by Boland Cranes.

Luffing Crane Brisbane - Boland Cranes

Construction Hoist Elevator

Also known as man/material hoists, temporary elevators, material lifts, construction hoists, personnel and material Hoists, Boland Cranes offers construction hoist elevators, when you need them most.

Rated for 2000kg or 24 people, our Zoomlion SC200BZ is vital for the safe and efficient lifting of equipment, materials and personnel from the ground floor and up. Features include; one-card start up, ID authentication, status display and fault diagnosis plus remote control technology.

Construction Hoist Elevator

Lifting Equipment

We have a range of lifting equipment to get the job done right.

  • Concrete kibbles
  • Material cages
  • Dog box
  • Block cages
  • Safety cages

Why Work with Boland Cranes?

There are countless benefits from working with Boland Cranes. Here’s what our valued customers have already reported as being their favourites.

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Low noise pollution
  • Emission free electric operation
  • More cost effective than mobile boom trucks & standard tower cranes.
  • Short to long term hire requirements catered to
  • A fleet large enough to supply several worksites and clients at once
  • We work within your schedule
  • Fully trained crane operators and dogmen
Mobile Crane Hire Brisbane