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Crane Hire

If you need a company that you can rely on to provide crane hire the moment you get off the phone, why not call Boland Cranes. They are leaders in crane equipment and operators. They have a long track record with the large building companies in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. With the crane hire provided by Boland Cranes, High rises have been built and delivered on time every time. With crane hire and lifting equipment, you will not get a better company to be there when you need them.

Boasting a huge range of construction lifting equipment and scaffolding as well, it’s easy to see why Boland Cranes have become the premium crane hire company in the South East Queensland region.

Scaffolding Hire

Don’t wait around for other companies to get you the scaffolding late or not at all, Call Boland Cranes to get you the Scaffolding quickly and easily. No Fuss, No Hassle, Just Scaffolding hire.


Boland Cranese is the leader in all thing cranes and construction with year upon years of experience and knowledge, you’ll see why they have gotten that name.

  • goods and passenger lifts
  • a building cleaning cradle and its suspension equipment
  • telehandlers and fork lifts
  • lifting accessories
  • overhead cranes and their supporting runways


Our lifting equipment is up to date and covered by insurance, passing all the standard in OH&S that’s required in the state of Queensland and Australia. 


What we also provide

  • Block cages
  • Floating loading bays
  • Operators, Dogmen and Riggers provided
  • Range of self-erecting tower cranes
  • Safety cages
  • Kibbles
  • Hammerhead tower cranes
  • Flat top tower cranes


“We are the leaders in crane hire in the South East Queensland area”

Crane Hire Scaffolding Hire
Lifting equipment Scaffolding Hire

Lift Equipment and Crane Operators 

We can supply all your cranes and lifting operators as well dry hire. We will deliver, setup, pack up and remove off site any equipment you hire. If you need a crane or lifting equipment and no one on site it qualified to run it, we can help. Ask use about our products and services today.

Contact Boland Cranes to get started with us and find out what we can do for you.

Lifting equipment